Keep passengers on cloud 9

A better way to handle delays

iCoupon is the smart choice for ground handlers allowing you to give an exceptional level of service to delayed passengers, when they are at their most discontented, placing you and your partner airlines in the best light possible. Requiring no integration, iCoupon enables you to eradicate paper vouchers and instantly add digital vouchers to the barcode on boarding passes, credit cards, loyalty cards or smartphone apps for any use, such as food and drink compensation for a delay.

iCoupon gives you an effortless and secure way of providing single use vouchers and creating a harmonious link between you, your airline's passengers and airport retailers.

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EU261 Compliant

You can efficiently ensure that partner airlines are always EU261 compliant while at the same time ensuring full auditability and tracking.

Best Service

Airlines want to give their passengers the best service possible at all times. With iCoupon this is exactly what you can offer them.

Easy & efficient

An effective, efficient and instant digital solution to issuing compensation vouchers, eradicating queues and the need to call people to gate or hand out vouchers.