Deliver a firstclass digital experience

Make your airport a happy place to be

iCoupon is rapidly becoming the standard for digital vouchering in airports around the world.  Already available in close to 100 airports across Europe alone, it provides a revolutionary new way for airlines and airport retailers to issue compensation, incentives and offers without any of the problems associated with traditional paper vouchers. iCoupon also improves the flow of passengers through your airport during delays.

It’s seamless integration provides a stress free user experience and it’s the ideal platform to deliver ‘Smart Promotions’ with applications such as airport apps integrating perfectly, or through social media. You have the freedom to target offers and deals directly to passengers helping you increase average passenger spend.  

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Using iCoupon you, your airlines and retailer can team up to launch smart promotions and increase passenger spend as well as providing stress free passenger compensation

Better Flow

Have better control of the flow of people through your airport and avoid mass surges during ‘weather events’ where flights are grounded.

Fly High

Already proven across many airports iCoupon represents a method of enabling the digitisation of painful paper processes.